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Q and A with Suman Dua

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Have inquiries regarding Australian Migration?

In this blog, I will answer 11 questions about Australian Migration.

In this blog, we cover the following:

  • How long is the PTE academic valid?

  • How many points do you need for PR?

  • Can you get permanent residency in community services?

  • Is it possible to work for two employers under the 408 Covid Visa?

Question # 1 from Suraj Reddy: Do we need to buy the business-only postcodes, which are in the immigration website, or is it ok to buy in the closer areas of those postcodes as well? It is regarding the 491 Small Business owner stream in Queensland.

Answer: You will have to purchase a business in Regional Queensland only. The postcodes are available on the Department of Home Affairs and Migration Queensland websites.

You can check this link for the regional postcodes in Queensland:

Question # 2 from Puspita Paul: I have received an invitation from Victoria in the 190 subclass. My ACS skill assessment is valid for more than 12 weeks. However, my PTE academic test score was issued on 12 October 2020. So the validity expired on 12 October 2022 according to the report. Could you please suggest if I can still apply for the nomination?

Answer: The English test score is valid for three years for migration purposes. But the expiry date on the test score, which is two years, mostly applies to student visa applications. But if you're applying for your 190 visa, your test score is valid until 12 October 2023.

Question # 3 Thamindu Jayaweera: Hi, I am an offshore civil engineer with 80 points. What are my chances for 189?

Answer: We have seen some invitations at similar points or even lower points for a civil engineer offshore. I would wait for the next invitation round. And I hope that you have lost the expression of interest already in the skill select.

Question # 5 from Pardeep Singh: My occupation code is 342315. Can you suggest me any way to get an invitation? I have 75 points for 491.

Answer: Your occupation of electronics equipment straight worker is open in most states and is also available for 189. But if you're in New South Wales, the requirement is a bit higher for 491. I suggest waiting for New South Wales to see if they have relaxed the requirements, or you may have to look at other states for your occupation.

Question # 6 from Chamroeun Lim: I just received s56 RFI, and there was only one requested doc, which is Police Clearance for my state of residence, Hawaii. I was able to immediately order a certified criminal record via our state police justice system and upload it to Immi Account Portal. My application status is now changed from Initial Assessment to Further Assessment. While I am being hopeful and glad that there was only one requirement, I am just wondering whether the condition listed in s56 can be considered as the only requirement left before the approval or it is only just the beginning before a full review/assessment and the additional s56 can still be issued?

Answer: Usually, when you are issued a section 56, which is the request for further information, it is usually the last document that is pending, and they require this document to make a decision. Hopefully, this was the last document, and if you have uploaded this document, the officer can give you a decision on that application.

Question # 6 from Sydney Diaries: For accounting, do we still need 110 points?

Answer: For New South Wales 190, 491. Yes. Performance requirement is higher. But recently, they have released a new pathway which is the direct pathway. If you have been working in your nominated occupation in regional New South Wales for the last 12 months with the same employer, you can apply for a 491 with the RTA, and you do not need to meet the high points requirements. We have got some clients who have been able to get invited from RDS with lower points

Question # 7 from Pramud Kumar: Any updates on Queensland 491 onshore?

Answer: Queensland is nominating applicants for the 491 visa, but we only see applicants with higher points getting invited. We still have more than half a year left for this financial year. We hope that once they have given invitations to applicants with higher points, they may start considering applicants with lower points. But for 190, I don't think the point requirement will go down. So for a 190 visa, the points requirement is 80. And there are a lot of applicants who do have more than 80 points. We have various videos regarding migration Queensland nomination criteria. I suggest that you look at it.

Question # 8 from Suren Theannilawu: I'm an offshore applicant and received an invitation to apply from NSW (491) on the 10th of November, and my skill assessment expired on the 12th of November. That was two days after I received the invitation to apply. Can I proceed with uploading the document with the existing skill assessment?

Answer: I'm not sure if you have just received the pre-invitations, which means that you will still have to apply for the nomination, or you have received the full invitation, which means that they have approved your nomination and they have invited you from skill select to lodge the visa. So if they have invited you through skill select to lodge the visa, you're all good because your EY gets locked when you receive the full invitation. And if any of your documents expire after you have received the full invitation, it does not matter. But if they have invited you to lodge the nomination application and your documents have expired. In that case, you need valid documents to lodge the nomination application with New South Wales.

Question #9 from Gagandeep Singh: What about the duration of the 485 visas? They were increasing the duration for selected occupations.

Answer: Yes, that is correct. The Department did announce that the graduates who have done some specific degrees will be given a more extended 45 visa. However, we have yet to receive any further updates regarding this news, and we hope we will have some updates early next year or sometime in December this year.

Question #10 from Manoj Kumar: Can I work for two employers? My primary key sector is IT. But I have a secondary job in the supermarket after getting Covid Visa.

Answer: At the moment, DEP has advised that they will not be very strict about the work condition 8107, only 408 COVID visa. So due to this, you are allowed to change your employer. And you're also allowed to work for more than one employer. They advised that you do not need to advise the 408 visa team or the Department of Home Affairs if there is any change in your employment.

Question # 11 from Zia Khan: I'm planning to study diploma in community services, and the duration of the course for an international student is 18 months. I want to make sure if I complete this diploma, will I be eligible for a pathway for permanent residency?

Answer: You will have to take note of a couple of things. First of all, check if this diploma of Community Services is accredited, you can check that on the ACW website. Secondly, consider a diploma which is a minimum of two years duration. Because if you do not study a two years course in Australia, you won't be eligible for the temporary graduate visa subclass 485.

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